Our product development is based on the principle that we’re creating something we ourselves use in our everyday work. And since there’s always room for improvement, we constantly work to make our solutions even better!

Karl Laas CEO

Karl Laas

Founder and a Member of the Management Board
Development activities
GSM + 372 53 468 213
Skype: karl_laas

Karl is a lawyer by education and has acquired extensive experience in both the public and private sectors. During his career he has led large teams and coordinated projects ranging in size and complexity spanning several institutions. As part of our team Karl generates ideas, puts them into practice and encourages others to do the same.

Riina Rohelaan HR Consultant

Riina Rohelaan

HR Outsourcing OÜ, HR consultant
GSM +372 51 62 028

Riina has worked as an HR manager in the private sector for many years, and for the last 11 she has been advising private and public organisations in the field of work organisation, HR management and the development of motivation systems. She is also an acclaimed trainer. On our team she gives advice on product development and helps clients launch the system on-site by performing preliminary HR analyses and providing implementation training
Mary Help

Mary Help

Customer support and guidance

Mary is passionate about helping others. She is always kind and obliging and looks to help those who need assistance in the best way she can. She loves aerobics and cycling, and once a week she volunteers at a shelter for stray cats and dogs.
Tom Taff

Tom Taff

User training and PR

Tom loves talking about Upsteem.com – he wouldn’t get tired of it even if he had to do it 100 times a week! Beneath his stern exterior is a caring and sympathetic man. He knows there’s no such thing as too much information.

Development team

Our developers are highly experienced and, between them, have created several large-scale systems. In our development activities we work with a number of other companies so as to ensure the necessary flexibility.

Executives, HR consultants, and the representatives of customers and funders

We’re grateful for all of the recommendations we've been given in the course of our development work. Without them, we wouldn’t be where we are today! We would particularly like to thank the employees from the HR departments of all of the companies who shared their ideas of perfect talent management software solutions with us.
Timo Volu

Users, start-up gurus and volunteers

We owe a lot to all of the users who share their experience with us on a daily basis – we listen to you all very closely!

Our thanks for their understanding and input go out to start-uppers Urmas Purde (http://www.pipedrive.com), Üllar Jaaksoo (http://www.nowinnovations.com) and Tõnu Runnel (http://edicy.com)and to applicability guru Peeter (Tehnokratt) Marvet (http://tehnokratt.net) - following your ideas may have been a tad difficult at times, but it’s always been inspiring!

Special thanks as well to all of the volunteers who have helped us test and translate the system – a truly never-ending job.

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