Satisfaction surveys should be conducted in small as well as bigger companies that wish to make the work of their staff even more efficient. The main goal of the survey is to determine the employees’ satisfaction at any given time, giving thorough feedback to management. The management determines the shortcomings of the company and can apply changes.

A satisfaction survey gives feedback on a company mainly on three different levels:

The survey maps the employees’ work motivation and also creates the possibility to shape it in advance. The employees’ attitudes and opinions on questions related to work are determined. The analysis allows to evaluate the general motivation of employees and their satisfaction towards work facilities, staff, wages and such.

The satisfaction survey also allows to collect employees’ suggestions to increase the efficiency of work. This will enable the management to notice the opportunities for improving employees’ satisfaction and increasing general motivation.

Either all employees of the company or employees of specific departments can be included in the satisfaction survey.

Possibilities for having a satisfaction survey in the environment:


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