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We help create your organization’s feedbacking culture. Understandable and straightforward. The one which gathers necessary input for a successful business common.

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We help you determine what you need. We help create necessary templates and divide gathering feedback into manageable bites. We are partners in applying and communicating a feedback system.

Why do you need a feedback system in your company in the first place?

Feedback is gathered in your organization in one or another way. Whether it’s by the coffee machine or random discussions. But this is not a complete and healthy system

  • As a business owner you need information whether your strategy works and has reached the employees
  • If your business depends on people you need to know if they are satisfied
  • You need to make sure that the organization’s values reach the employees and they are followed on a daily basis
  • You need to make yourself aware of leadership quality, problems and stress levels in your organization to start necessary changes
  • You want to be fair as a business owner and CEO in decision regarding pay and promotions 

How we can help..

Creating a feedback system is a consultation service that we offer in cooperation with several consultants. Our cooperation ensures implementation of change also in the infosystem, i.e. Upsteem. 

  • We help clarify core values that are essential to your organization
  • We help choose feedback methods and their combinations
  • We determine the critical leadership info that needs to be collected from the feedback
  • We help design the templates for the evaluation system
  • We design the time frame of the evaluation system
  • We help implement the system 


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