Talent audit – your human capital’s strategic capability

If your results depend on your people then we can help evaluate your human capital’s situation and plan long-term talent policies.

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We help you answer questions: competency level of key players and competencies that need supplementing in the short-term; actual competency network of the organization; motivation and its connectedness with responsibility levels. Proposals to perfect the talent management processes. Stress level in the organization and grounding the risk associated with key players. Talent audit is a consultation project which is tailored according to the wishes and needs of the Client .
Small or big, private, government or nonprofit – we help to boost careers everywhere.

When to use a talent audit?

Talent audit helps understand organization culture, competency levels and motivation of key players. Talent audit may introduce major development programs or changes. 

Talent audit can be used prior to bigger changes or activating personnel development programs. Some examples of talent audit’s areas of use:

  • prepare for organizational changes and discover new talents in the organization
  • prior to working out the competency model in order to collect and evaluate the attitudes of key players towards changes
  • to evaluate the competencies of key positions and create initial succession plans   

This is a consultation project and the goals of the audit will be custom tailored based on project. 

What is included in the service?

Talent audit is a tailored consultation service which is provided in cooperation with consultants in accordance with the goals agreed with the organization. 

Talent audit can consist of the following services which are connected via summary of analysis of results for the client:

  • evaluation of leadership competencies
  • mapping and evaluation of competencies
  • satisfaction of key players, stress audit and dedication
  • evaluation of organization culture and analysis of networks 

The outcome of a talent audit are recommendations to the management board on changes to be carried out and designing of HR policies going forward. 


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