2D evaluation and calibration in performance appraisals 

2D evaluation enables evaluating employees on two scales, e.g. performance and attitude. Calibration removes subjectivity from managers’ evaluations.

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Upsteem’s environment enables designing your own 2D scales – you can choose which indicators you evaluate. 2D evaluations can be calibrated amongst the subordinates of one manager. Through calibration you will ensure organizational fairness.

Convenient 2D evaluation

Choose the scales for your organization’s 2D evaluation

Usually one of the 2D scales is to do with goals or performance, the other scale with “soft values” – ability to learn or behaviour.


  • 2D evaluation in performance appraisals
  • graphic calibration view – drag and drop employees
  • determine whether only managers participate in the evaluation or employees too
  • all evaluations given by managers’ can be calibrate
  • choose the names and sizes of scales for your organization 

Calibrating results ensure fair decisions

Calibration ensures fairness in decisions related to evaluations, specially when you have to decide performance payments, promotions, etc. 

Evaluation results can be subjective and sometimes depend on the attitude of the evaluator

Calibration helps remove subjectivity from performance and 360 degree appraisals

In 2D evaluation and talent management separate calibration meetings are held where managers discuss the maximum and minimum points given to employees

If necessary we provide statistics for the strictest and gentlest evaluations of managers


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