Net Promoter Score (NPS) in employee and client satisfaction surveys

NPS method can be combined with several Upsteem’s surveys. Find out the satisfaction of clients or employees.

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The NPS method demonstrated the percentage of active promoters amongst all responders. 10 point scale is used and the active promoters are the ones answering at least 9 points. Points 7-8 are indifferent and below 7 are non-promoters

Employer’s NPS in employee’s satisfaction survey

Measure employer’s NPS via employees’ satisfaction survey or continuously with “Pulse” surveys

NPS is commonly used as a question in satisfaction surveys: would you recommend our organization as an employer to friends and family? 

With the NPS it is useful to measure changes in time which is why it is reasonable to add NPS to more frequent “Pulse” surveys. This enables to follow changes of the NPS.  

Quite often general NPS questions regarding the organization’s services and products are added to satisfaction surveys – employees know best about the quality!

Net Promoter Score in client surveys

Satisfied clients are your best sales people. This is what NPS is for. 

The NPs can be used in a variety of’s surveys, i.e.:

  • Client satisfaction surveys
  • Continuously open client satisfaction surveys which demonstrate changes in client satisfaction
  • Project based surveys post-project or –cooperation
  • We can merge client satisfaction surveys with an employee’s performance appraisal preparatory materials 
Our NPS solution is not solely intended to get client feedback in general service situations. It also fits professional service companies. If necessary we can apply company designs. 


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