Creating questionnaires and answering view

Manage your organization’s performance appraisals and survey questionnaires. Convenient answering view for managers and employees. Multilingual. Adaptable.

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Upsteem’s modern structure enables asking for only the essential. Personal information for the employee is already available thanks to job data. Anonymity guaranteed.

Convenient answering view, all question types

Our convenient answering view saves all answers immediately. Answering language easily changeable

  • Questionnaire view automatically saves answers
  • All common question types
  • Can pause and continue filling in form
  • Open and hidden scale questions
  • Answers can be forwarded to recipient via performance appraisal questionnaire
  • Performance appraisal template enables movement between goals and training needs modules 

Capable template editor

Create your organization’s questionnaires from scratch or use ready-made forms. Consultants can share templates between separate organizations

  • Most common question types
  • Designate which responder groups answer to which questions in the 360 degree feedback survey
  • Create competency evaluation surveys based on the organization’s job families
  • Add videos, pictures or links to competency models or explanatory examples in the questionnaire
  • All questionnaires are connected to your organization’s structure and employee data base 

Adaptation opportunities and change of design

Flexible answering view enables client-oriented design

  • You can design special “thank you” pages in the answering module where responders will be directed once completed the questionnaire
  • The whole of the answering view can be designed upon the wishes of the client
  • Client branding can be included in the survey invitation emails
  • Gamefication solutions to the answering module 


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